Day trips from London

Whether its a traditional English day at sea or exploring some of the historical treasures of Britain, there are hundreds of things to do beyond the capital city. So if you are looking to escape the bustle of London Town and experience some of the wealth of British Culture, then we would like to recommend these famous destinations as exciting day trips out.

Bathwick Hill, Bath, Somerset, UK - Diliff
Bathwick Hill, Bath, Somerset

Bath is one of the prettiest towns in Britain with a unique architectural character and a vibrant cultural life. Quite rightly, Bath is one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Brighton UK

From the exotic Royal Pavilion to trendy clubs, from small shops selling bonsai trees, vegetarian shoes (seriously!), and designer clothes stores to huge shopping centres, from the Marina and the Pier to the markets and pavement cafes – one can honestly say that Brighton has it all.


One always thinks of Cambridge as an old, rather sleepy, small university town wrapped up in its history. And on every visit, one realises how wrong this preconception is.


Canterbury’s history is one of juicy tales and spiritual depth. It is the most famous and the oldest of England’s cathedral towns with a rich history, but it’s also a busy market town.


Universally acknowledged as one of Europe’s finest cities, Edinburgh has always been a magnet, a cosmopolitan melting pot drawing visitors from all over the world.


The ancient city of Oxford has been famous for its university for over 800 years. The city may be a commercial centre, the home of Oxford University Press and a major county town, but what has attracted visitors over the centuries is the wealth of warm stone college buildings with their quiet cloisters and peaceful gardens.

Stratford-upon-Avon 2010 PD 04

An accident of history put Stratford-Upon-Avon on the world map. If it hadn’t happened that William Shakespeare was born and died here, this small sleepy market would have remained just that instead of becoming one of the United Kingdom’s major tourist attractions.


Over its long and eventful history, Winchester has seen it all: it’s been the capital of England, and has been conquered by Normans. You’ll be pleased to learn that this colourful history is alive and well in Winchester today.


The words ‘Royal’ and ‘Windsor’ go in tandem. Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world, has been a royal residence for over 900 years.

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